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Artem Filatov
Artem Filatov (born 1991) is an artist and curator. He lives in Nizhny Novgorod and works in the genres of installation, sculpture, graphics, painting and public art. Filatov's works have a close connection with the local context, and most are integrated by the author directly into the urban space. Examples include his wall paintings on building facades in districts of the city where many houses are built out of wood, or art objects installed on wasteland where historic buildings (now demolished) once stood. Filatov creates artworks using the surviving wooden fragments of demolished buildings, and his wall paintings use traditional imagery from the world of nature.
Since 2017, the artist has been making concrete bas-reliefs and sculptures, moulding his works in wooden forms which he carves himself. His treatment of concrete makes it into a timeless material, linking past, present and future. Filatov also makes prints by hand, with a focus on small series of artworks using traditional etching and silkscreen techniques.